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Our Pricing Policy

We at Miranda Music pride ourselves in offering our customers world-class customer service and support, before and after the sale. Our staff is available to you at (231) 651 9307 to assist you with product selection, technical questions, sales questions and basically anything else you can come up with to ask us. Our staff is made up of people who actually use the equipment we sell: Musicians, Sound-Engineers, Designers, Technicians, Music Professors.....you name it, we will help you to select the best product for your needs. We also pride ourselves on the "soft-sell". We will never push you into buying anything you don't need and will often suggest a lower priced product to a customer when it will be adequate for the task.
When it comes to pricing, we do our best to offer our customers the highest quality products at a fair price, with equally fair shipping costs. Most of our shipping rates are actually discounted off the normal book rates. We push hard to get shipping discounts with our shipping companies and pass these on to our customers. If you find a lower price at another store, please also check their shipping rate - we have seen other companies that charge 3 times (or more!) what we charge for shipping. In many cases, these stores will try to hook in the unsuspecting consumer with a low price on a product, only to hit them with ridiculously high shipping rates. Of course, some stores try just the opposite, offering "free" shipping, but then charge more for the product.
In the end, the real cost of buying the product will often be higher than a store (such as ours) that charges a fair price for the product and reasonable shipping rates. Lastly, many of these companies will not provide you with any assistance in selecting your products - in many cases, you won't be able to call them at all, because there is no phone number listed anywhere on their website!
In situations where you do find a legitimate company selling the same product and shipping we offer, at a lower price, please let us know by calling (231) 651 9307 or sending us an E-mail. Please paste the URL of the website showing the item you want us to match into the E-mail you send. We will do everything in our power to meet or beat a legitimate competitors price, including shipping.....and we will still give you the best service you ever received.

Thank you very much!
Miranda Music's Customer Service Staff